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About Us

‘How can we offer the same product at a more affordable price?’

Monofiyat.com appeared came out when looking for an answer to this question.


When we took our first step in order to offer high-grade products at affordable prices, we had years of experience. Think outside of the box, we have a long road ahead and we set out on this road with a strong and professional team.


We have finally caught our target with months of effort with a motivated team and we have managed to bring together high-quality products at affordable prices.


How did we achieve this?

First, we saved the products from fancy packaging.

We stocked products, which are sent from long distances, in our warehouse to lower the cost.

and we disintermediated.

As a result we achieve ‘the same product is at a more affordable price.'


Our motto is to ensure that the consumer only pays for the product. The expenses such as packaging, delivery costs, and suppliers do not affect the quality of the product at all, it only happens to the consumer's budget.

For this reason, all the products on Monofiyat.com belong to our MF Product brand created with this motto.


We will continue to grow with new categories and new MF Product branded products that you will find attractive.


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